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17 years Telemarketing & Cold Calling Experience

Over 20 years business operations, sales & marketing experience

Before moving to Central Florida 25 years ago, I worked as a purchasing agent for an industrial fastener distributor. I was a partner and focused on prospecting new clients, designing new products, and managing purchases.

Since 2001, my work experience ranges from the most trusted & respected hospitality companies in Central Florida such as Marriott Vacation Club International, Hilton Grand Vacations and Vacation Village at Parkway. In 2004 - 2005,  I worked with the largest third-party telemarketing company in the world. While there, I promoted campaigns for Disney, Sports Illustrated, American Express, National Geographic, Clear Channel, and QVC to name a few.

What changed how I viewed telemarketing, (aka cold calling, telesales, tele-anything) is when I cold called in the Northeast USA right after 911. The way people responded (or reacted) was nothing I had experienced before, or had expected. Some were outraged, some were comforted, some were searching for answers and some just needed to hear a voice of assurance. Once I realized that people still wanted to get away with people they love and care for, I learned better ways to communicate and to make a long story short, my sales tripled. It was great management that I learned from, and how I learned to listen, beyond words, to hear what a heart and soul is trying to express. I have never looked back, as the experience has helped me to restore my believe in people and also helped in gaining belief, and confidence, in myself too. Overtime, I have learned and gained highly valuable knowledge, experience and skills.

I moved on to small business and industry, and decided to work as a sole proprietor. I have worked with business owners throughout the United States to help build a quality prospect database in order to generate and increase sales revenues. I operate as a marketer, consultant, adviser and cold calling coach. I enjoy working with other business owners, sales, marketing and positive minded people.

In Central Florida, I have worked with great companies like Retriever Payment Systems, Orlando Recycles, BrightFleet, Integrated Physical Medicine, Closson Insurance, Freedom Mortgage, Next Horizon, Rise, VOXtell, Filta Enviromental Kitchen Solutions, Firewall Computer Systems, MfrTech eJournal, Full Throttle Intermedia, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, Greener Kitchen Solutions, just to name a few. I have worked with in a remote (I work from my home) for the past 5 years.

My experience has taught me that telephone calls are a direct way to hear what the market is saying. I believe this is one major  reason that telephone calls can help build a high quality database plus help develop content, and overall have cohesive and clarified communications.

With it's '1st impression' aspects, it's the impression from a simple telephone call that when following calls are made along with marketing in general, credibility is built, which a key component for any & all. It is building trust one 'trust block' at a time.

If you are looking for a high quality database, or have your current marketing tested for best performance, or simply want to have a special event or offer to be presented, then contact me for more information. I guarantee my work, however, it is critical that your business is 'telemarketing ready'.